Frequently Asked Questions


Safety is our number 1 priority for our workers as well as you. We install edge protection/scaffolding which might be a little more costly, butwe take extra caution to ensure all parties are safe while work is being carried out.

Walking around on a roof can be dangerous and end up costly if not done right by someone with the needed experience. If you have a roof leak or just need your roof  inspected, it is always best to employ an expert to undertake the work for you. 

YES – if your roof is suitable to restore, dependent on the condition of the roof. With the correct roof restoration system in place we can extend the life of the roof at least a further 10-15 years and will renew its appearance.

Problem: Cracked or broken cement mortar bedding to the ridge and hip capping.
Solution: The capping should be rebedded or repointed.

Problem: Cracked or broken roof tiles (sometimes it’s just one tile).
Solution: The individual roof tiles should be replaced. 

Problem: Roof tiles displaced 
Solution: The displaced tiles should be put back into their proper position. 

Problem: Blocked drainage channels under the ‘sidelaps’ of individual tiles.
Solution: Any build-up of dirt or debris should be removed. 

Problem: Flashings blocked, damaged or displaced.
Solution: These problems should be corrected.

Problem: Blocked gutters (including valley gutters) and downpipes. 
Solution: These should be cleaned out. 

CAUTION: If your roof needs checking or if you have a roof leak, it is best to employ an expert to undertake the work for you. Walking around on a roof can be dangerous.
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