Moss and Mould Treatment


Our Moss and Mould treatment we use is a high strength, slow release cleaner designed to safely treat and remove mould, algae, moss and lichen growth on roofs.

Moss growth on roof
Decramastic roof before any restoration was done


With one quick visit from one of our trusted DTK Project and Maintenance crew members to apply our Moss and Mould Treatment it could start killing the moss and lichen growth. After the treatment has been applied it takes normally up to 6-8 months with a good amount of rain to clean up, but the process could slow down in the summer time. 

There is a faster way to speed up the cleaning process by waterblasting/pressure washing the roof that gives you an immediate result.

We recommend a Moss and Mould treatment to be done every 2 years to ensure that any moss or lichen growth cannot cause damage to your roof coating. Which could also prolong the lifespan of your coating.