Tile Roof Coating


Is your roof looking old and outdated? Perhaps it is time for your roof to be restored to it’s former glory. At DTK Projects and Maintenance we will have the Roof Coating System that suits your roofing project.


The preparation process of any surface is the most important step to ensure proper adhesion of the coating.

Moss growth on roof

Moss and Mould Treatment

The Moss and Mould Treatment is sprayed on to the roof to kill any and all moss, mould and lichen growth on the roof.

Tile roof pressure washing being completed by DTK Projects and Maintenance In Morrinsville, NZ

Pressure Washing

We intense pressure wash a part of our preparation process to remove all the dead moss, lichen and flaky paints that hasTile roof repointing completed not adhered to the surface.

Roof Repairs

Re-bed and pointing of new ridge-caps with Selleys flexible pointworks before restoration commences by DTK Projects and Maintenance Ltd. in Hamilton, NZ

Re-bedding and Pointing

Often over a period of time the mortar that keeps the ridge caps in place will start failing or can crack, leaving tiles and ridge capping exposed and unsecured. We remove all capping and rebed it to resecure the caps. Thereafter we apply Selleys Point Works Gen II that is an adhesive Mechanical Fastener Flexible Pointing compound to reseal hip and ridge tiles.


Tile Replacement

We have found that most of the times a leak consist of broken tiles on the roof. We replace the needed amount of tiles that suits your pocket and solves the leak.

Roof Coating

We take lots of pride in our final steps to complete your roof.

10 Year Guarantee

Our 3 coat system is an application of a sealer, followed by 2 topcoats of Procoat Acrylic Finish Roof Coating in the color of your choice.

15 Year Guarantee

To add a little more lifespan to your roof we add an extra coat to make it a 4 coat system which is an application of a sealer, 1 basecoat, followed by 2 topcoats of Procoat Acrylic Finish Roof Coating in the color of your choice.